Airheart (booklet art by Bunny Bennett)

Lily "Airheart" Brennan is one of the SPG Heroes, whose story is told in the songs "The Ballad of Lily" and "Airheart."


Airheart is a young woman with shoulder-length brown hair, blue eyes and fair skin. She wears a pilot's jacket, a pilot's cap with goggles, and a black-and-white floral dress. There is a small propeller on her chest that glows blue.


Lily Brennan was the daughter of a pilot and his aeroplane, Bree. Her father gave her the nickname Airheart, as she had a natural talent for flying planes.

She fell in love with a young pilot named Jimmy Wright, and the two of them went to prom together, where Jimmy told Airheart that he loved her. Unfortunately, Jimmy disappeared while flying his plane and was assumed dead, despite no body being found--just his goggles. Still, Airheart never forgot him, and even swore that she heard him singing to her through her plane's radio.

Then one day, Airheart crashed into a mountain and only Jimmy's goggles were found in the wreckage of her plane.

Live AppearanceEdit


Paige Law as Airheart(Geekshot Photography)

Airheart was portrayed by Paige Law at the Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention in 2013.


  • She could pick up airwave frequencies
  • Her favorite snack was petrol
  • Whenever she sang, she made noises like an airplane
  • She wore a blue dress to her prom
  • She sweats oil
  • The song states that Airheart's "father fought in the Great War", indicating that Airheart was born during or after World War 1