Beebop is a very large Walter automaton, who generally represents himself as a disembodied, computerized voice responsible for alerting the audience and the band of malfunctions. He is very quick to exercise his power of deactivating the bots, shutting them down even when the chance of any danger occurring is below 1%. When he does so, he summons the Walter Workers, acting as their introduction of sorts. He is also responsible for scanning the audience at the end of the show and detecting "excessive applause," which leads him to allow the bots an encore. 


Illustration by Isabella Bennett, featured in the art pamphlet of Album One.

Before his appearance in the live show, Beebop's colossal true form was depicted on the album artwork for Brass Goggles, holding up the other robots in a single, enormous hand. He was also seen in the beginning of the old video for Electricity Is In My Soul, kicking it off with a frightening display of screaming, glowing eyes, and shifting colors. An Engineer-Eteer exclusive video posted on 9/6/2013 reveals his upgraded visage, a larger and more detailed mask using realistic human teeth.  Unlike the other bots, Beebop seems very stereotypically robotic, his dialogue not playful banter but flat, neutral descriptions of events. Likely due to being a digitized representation, his face is more "cyberpunk" than "steampunk," and his skin resembles circuitry. Beebop is voiced by Steve Negrete.

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