Cavalcadium insignia (showing Blue Matter in the center)

Blue Matter is a powerful and mysterious substance. 


Marylin Verato and Jacqueline Pomene, the founders of the Cavalcadium, were able to sense Blue (and Green) Matter before it was formally discovered by Peter Walter I, who developed safe and efficient methods of using the energy.

Uses and EffectsEdit

  • It is a powerful energy source. The robots of Steam Powered Giraffe are powered by Blue Matter.
  • Peter Walter I theorized that Blue Matter binds reality together. Blue Matter portals have been known to lead to other dimensions, such as the sandwich-producing dimension in Hatchworth's chest.
  • Blue Matter is also known to be volatile.
    • In 1950, an accident involving Rabbit's power core tore through the space-time continuum, killed 2 people and crippled 3 others.
    • In 1962, an explosion destroyed the spacecraft Cosmo, killing most of the crew. The unknown force's source is Earth, implying that it is Blue or Green Matter.
    • In 2013, Peter Walter VI was dramatically disfigured by a Blue Matter implosion.
  • The Walter Workers' blue hair and white skin are a result of working closely with the robots' Blue Matter cores.

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