Overview Edit

Bryan Barbarin is the youngest and loudest of 5 siblings. At a young age he found his heart on the stage, (Don’t worry, the heart was fine once he brushed it off) and since then he has dedicated his life to the performing arts…kind of.

After solidifying his love for the theatre in high school, Bryan moved on to Grossmont College where he met the Bennetts. Not only did they perform in several shows together, as well as start their own improv group together, they also all took mime from the famous Jerry Hager. After watching the Bennetts brilliantly display their abilities in class Bryan decided that maybe he should go another route. He started working professionally for many of the theaters around San Diego including; Lamb’s Players Theatre, Cygnet, San Diego Rep, National Comedy Theatre, SDMT, and New Village Arts.     

After achieving moderate success and creating many lifelong friend/family in the SD theatre Community, Bryan moved on to play with The Routine. The Routine is a brotherhood of musicians formed from the ashes to radiate a fire of funk and soul that will spread love across this earth. This sparked up his love for performing music so when he got an opportunity to reunite with Bennetts in that capacity, he couldn’t turn it down. He couldn’t be happier to be part of the SPG family!

You can check out Bryan with The Routine here:

Bryan in suit