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Buster Becile from the Steam Powered Giraffe comic.

Buster Becile is a relative to Ignatius Becile and is the Vice Chairman and CEO of Becile Industries, the rival to Walter Robotics.

Comic AdaptationEdit

We first meet Buster through the Steam Powered Giraffe comic on page 9. We see that he was in the middle of filming what appears to be a commercial for Becile Industries. After the director has called cut, a lab assistant approaches him letting him know that certain readings have gone off the chart. In the next panel a large gate can be seen covered in what appears to be green crystals.

So far this has been the first and last appearance of Buster, but it is expected to see more of him come up in the comic..


When we first meet Buster, we are show a nice clean cut sort of gentleman. He was sporting a nice outfit of jeans, a white shirt, and a black blazer. In one of the comic panels, we can see a very close up picture of his eyes which are a bright blue with a green center. He keeps his hair short and a bit messy and has stubble on his face. As the creator and artist puts it, “When did Robert Pattison and Elijah Wood have a child?”


·         Buster is often drawn with a Becile Industries mug by fans.

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