Cosmica cosmo

Cosmica and Commander Cosmo (VQ album insert art)

Cosmica (also called The Daughter of Space) is a humanoid space entity whose story is told in Steam Powered Giraffe's 4th studio album, Vice Quadrant: A Space Opera. 

In the music video for 'Soliton', she is portrayed by Chelsea Penyak


Cosmica has translucent blue skin with purple rings around her legs and arms, and her fluorescent purple skeleton is visible under her skin. She has bright laser hair and claws. She does not appear to wear any clothing.


Nearly every aspect of Cosmica has destructive properties: her laser hair can cut through metal and earth alike, her claws are strong enough to break through a spacecraft's hull, and her sonic voice can destroy a craft's deflectors with ease. However, her voice can also be soothing to the ear.

She also has the power of unassisted flight.

Cosmica birth

Cosmica's creation (art by Sam Luke)


Cosmica was born deep in space when a beam of blue matter energy struck a Russian space probe and mingled with human DNA. Later, she came across The Astronaut's spacecraft, which she destroyed in her curiosity, killing most of the crew. Only The Astronaut survived, after she took him into her energy field. The two moved through space together, wreaking havoc as they went. They destroyed the spacecraft Delarue and at least 8 moon bases before Commander Cosmo captured Cosmica and took her away.


Cosmica as she appears in the video for 'Soliton'.