Delilah Morreo drawn by Bunny Bennett.

Delilah was an inspiring woman of science was managed to steal the hearts of two brilliantly minded men.


Delilah was a member of a scientific group known as the Cavalcadium. She was well known as one of only females of the time to have a great fascination of chemistry. Here is where she met Peter Walter I and Thadeus Becile . The two of them and all other men of the group tried to win her heart over. Whereas other men would give her flowers and chocolates, Peter and Thadeus would try to win her over through the power of science. As the two fought for her affection she remained to be neutral.

During a convention Thadeus had presented rock candy which was referred to as an energy source known as Green Matter. Peter disagreed with Thadeus and deemed the source to be too unstable and Delilah agreed with Peter.

A year later at the same convention Thadeus displayed a copper elephant that he had powered with Green Matter that had almost won over Delilah’s heart. Peter built a giraffe in response along with musical robots for the lovely lady. Thadeus was upset by this idea and had installed a phonograph to his elephant and was kicked out of the Cavalcadium after Peter’s bots had stopped him. In the end neither of them had won her heart just yet.

Eventually Peter had gotten so involved into his work that he was unable to allow his robots to sing to her in time. Delilah had passed away from an illness.


  • She has a sweet spot for music
  • She adores African animals
  • She was discriminated in the science community of chemistry because she was a woman
  • She has recently made a reappearance as a (possible) Vampire and Vampire Hunter