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Isabella Bennett as Delilah Morreo. Photo by Beth Riley of Geekshot Photography.

Delilah Morreo Edit

Delilah Morreo is an undead vampire and vampire hunter. She is portrayed by Isabella Bennett.

She is a lesbian, as stated by Isabella and doubly-confirmed by Carissa.

History Edit

Delilah was a scientist in life , but she passed away due to an unknown illness (which may have been caused by her work). One of her suitors was so obsessed with her that he tried to resurrect her, but he only succeeded in creating an undead vampire. She saw evil in others like her, and became a formidable vampire hunter, even inspiring fear in the boogeyman and other ghosts.

Delilah is friends with Death.

Affiliated Songs Edit

The Ballad of Delilah Morreo (Quintessential)