Peter walter VI

David Bennett as Peter Walter VI. Shot from the Engineer-eteer site, shown at Walter Robotics Expo 2013

Peter Walter VI Edit

Peter Walter VI is the son of Peter Walter V and Annie Burnette. He took over the family business, Walter Robotics, in 2013.


Peter is tall and thin, with blonde hair and fair skin. He wears a mask with a large keyhole shape painted on it.


Peter was born in 1986.

On May 29th, 2013, he suffered disfiguring injuries in an implosion of blue matter energy when he closed a blue matter rift. Walter Girl Bunny released an official statement on May 30th, assuring us that Mr. Walter survived and is stable, and that the Walter Robotics Expo would go on as planned.


  • Peter enjoys petunias in the manor gardens.
  • For Halloween 2013, his costume was a necktie.
  • He has a cat from the 8th dimension.
  • He is not your "brah."