Rex in the official Rex Marksley music video

Rex Marksley is one of the SPG Heroes whose story is told in the song "Rex Marksley" on The 2 Cent Show. He was portrayed by David Bennett at the Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention II in March 2013 and again in March 2014.


David Bennett as Rex Marksley. Photo by Beth Riley of Geekshot Photography.


Rex wears a white Dakota hat, white gloves, a white double- breasted shirt and black pants. He has a gun in a holster strapped to each leg. On his left hand Rex wears a glove which shoots lightning. His hair is black.


Rex Marksley was born in the Western United States, presumably in the mid-to-late 1800s. He showed a proficiency with guns at a young age when he shot holes in bean cans while they were in the pantry, and subsequently shot all the nails out of the fence, setting his family's cows loose. Rex was also gifted in engineering.


The 2 Cent Show art by Isabella Bennett.

As an adult, he became a gun for hire and accomplished many amazing feats--among them, disarming forty bandits with only two gunshots, taming and riding enormous vultures, teaching all the jackalopes to yodel in harmony, and defeating the demon train, copper ore golem and the Rattlesnake King. He became renowned for his amazing marksmanship, heroism and kindness.

According to legend, Rex died an old man on the prairie.


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