Salgexicon is a character who appears in the 2012 film 'Steam Powered Giraffe: The Eternal Harp of


Salgexicon in 'The Eternal Harp of Golden Dreams'

Golden Dream's. He appears in the Eternal Harp of Golden Dreams story segments.

He is portrayed by David Michael Bennett

Description Edit

Salgexicon is a tall, pale man with black hair and wears black robes. He wields a wooden staff with a metallic attachment, similar in design to a halberd.

History Edit

According to the end credits song, Salgexicon was born in dragon's blood and raised by a sorcerer.

Travelling alongside Crolax, Rumbo the Ranger, Ardus the Magnificent, Skrdjvurm, and Sir Michael in search of the Eternal Harp of Golden Dreams, Salgexicon rests in the Field of Trepidation after escaping the Cave of Ordeals. Upon Skrdjvurm discovering a treasure chest, he demands it to be opened and attempts to use magic to destroy the seal, only to fail. When the chest is opened, the group finds a video tape inside the chest(containing footage of Steam Powered Giraffe) and they watch.

Part way through, the tape falters and Salgexicon attempts to fix the VCR playing the tape and succeeds.

By the end of the film, Salgexicon declares the journey 'quite an adventure', only to question aloud who Jimmy Fallon is (who was mentioned by The Spine in an interview).

Written by David Michael Bennett

(Salgexicon, Salgexicon, Salgexicon, Salgexicon)

Born in dragon's blood

raised by a sorcerer

he learned the magic


A tear from his eye

as his mentor died

teleported him to safety

Salgexicon, Salgexicon

Salgexicon (Salgexicon)

Now he fights evil with his best of friends

Salgexicon (Salgexicon)

They all have each other to the very end

Adventurer roll call!

Scarla the war witch, slices and dices

Her magic is deadly, she’s also the sister of Salgexicon

Ardus the Magnificent smashes things up

he throws down his mace and things explode to the sky

Skurdgvrm the dwarf has a big axe

that's pretty much all there is to know about him

Then there’s Bessie the undead minotaur

She reeks of undead flesh and smells really bad, 

but the others try not to say anything 

And of course there's the leader of this group, 

who needs no introduction

His deeds of greatness and compassion travel the land, 

he is known all around and everywhere as

Salgexicon (Salgexicon) 

Vanquishing evil wherever he goes

Salgexicon (Salgexicon)

Saving everybody from all the bad guys

Salgexicon, Salgexicon

Save me, save us

Salgexicon, Salgexicon

Sorcerer of great



You'll always be in our hearts

Salgexicon (Salgexicon) 

His tears of magic always save the day

Salgexicon (Salgexicon)

A truer friend and companion there never was

Salgexicon (Salgexicon)

Sal-gex-icon and friends
(and Bessie the Minotaur)

Trivia Edit

  • According the false credits at the beginning of the film, Salgexicon is portrayed by Bullet Steel.

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