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Sam Luke. Photo taken by James Riley of Geekshot Photography.

Samuel Michael Christopher Luke formerly played the robot Hatchworth in Steam Powered Giraffe, he was the main drummer for the band from 2010-2012.

Sam has three siblings, all sisters, as a child, they enjoyed drawing and using their imagination to take them to places they had never been. During high school, Sam met David Bennett through drama club and quickly became friends with both of the Bennett twins. After some years of drifting apart from the Bennetts and teaching himself an odd variety of skills, he was once again contacted by his friends to play drums in their band.

After initially turning them down, Sam decided to join them after all. He played drums for the band as a human for about nearly two years and took over the role of the third singing automaton, Hatchworth, after Jon Sprague was let go from Steam Powered Giraffe late 2012.

As of 2016, Sam has left the band to pursue his own musical career.


Sam grew up the only boy of four siblings. His oldest memories are of him and his sister's drawing and pretending to be things they weren't and in places they could never go. Through the ages he steadily progressed at drawing because he knew when something didn't look right and took it upon himself to improve. Eventually the government made Sam go to high school and his eldest sister encouraged him to join a play (instead of roaming around campus aimlessly - thanks Erin!).

After getting over that pesky omg-I'm-so-nervous-I'm-going-to-poop-out-all-my-guts feeling, he did okay in theater club. Soon thereafter, he decided anyone can play guitar, so he did and got involved in a musical trio (wherein he wrote, played guitar, and sang). Approximately junior year a tall, gangly fellow (by the name of David) joined the drama club and introduced himself as such. Sam spent many an afternoon trying to discern the Bennett twins (one wears black and one wears dragons). The only way Sam chooses to explain the early days of "Hangin' With the Bennetts" is as follows:

"it was like being a supporting character on some weird sitcom within a sitcom."

For a while after that, they drifted apart (which tends to happen to friends of Sam). After barely graduating high school Sam tried community college and eventually found he hated it just as much as he hated all the wasted educative hours of his life. He already knew what he loved to do and how to do it, he could write and play songs and draw. So eventually he settled for a job at a cafe and stuck to living at home (with mommy) so he could support his habit of playing his music and being an artist (so cool! I wanna be like Sam!). He then took it upon himself to learn how to play half a drum kit with his feet so as to leave his hands free to play guitar and his mouth open to breath and sing. That's how he became the one-man-band, Samhears.

Fast forward a bit and it turns out the Bennetts only got weirder with time. They were robots now and apparently they needed a drummer. Sam turned down their first offer stating " I can only play a kick drum and a high-hat, with my feet". Then, after a period of reconciliation the robots asked again and Sam said, " okay, whatever, I guess since I taught myself to play guitar, bass, sing, piano, drawing, inking, fruity loops, adobe photoshop, chihuahua-rearing, and food preparation, another thing wouldn't hurt." and well, that's how, I, Sam Luke, of Samhears (yes, I was the narrator the whole time!) became involved with Steam Powered Giraffe! Somehow I also became a robot apparently.