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Steve Negrete @ Vidcon 2013 (photo by Beth Riley)

Steve Negrete is Steam Powered Giraffe's sound engineer and tech director for their live performances.


Steve is 5 foot 8 inches tall, and he has brown dreadlocks and brown eyes. He wears a bandana on his head, and usually has cool shades on.


Steam Powered Giraffe's human MC and sound operator. Without Steve...we wouldn't know what to do with all these decibels.

Steve was born in the faraway land of Virginia, but his family relocated to Southern California when he was very young. Therefore, he considers himself to be a Southern California native by assimilation. As the youngest of three brothers, Steve constantly found himself following in his sibling's footsteps simply because he thought it was expected of him. Because his brothers were both aspiring musicians, Steve decided to try his hand at the trombone. He was involved with the school band through the whole of middle school and high school, but feels like high school marching band robbed him of four years of his life.

However, his high school band room was located next to the school theatre, and as Steve's interest in performing music declined, his interest in performing onstage increased. As he performed in more and more plays (which sometimes conflicted with that blasted marching band), he made the decision to take his major in theatre as he made the journey into college.

Steve's two years at Palomar Community College saw little theatre due to general course requirements, but he did manage to perform the lead role in his final semester. This made for an excellent transition into the University of California, San Diego, where he was inundated with nothing but theatre classes. While at university, Steve signed up to run the sound board for one fateful show entitled The Labyrinth of Desire. This show spring-boarded young Steve into the world of theatrical sound, and he took more and more classes that allowed him to work hands-on with the audio department, and eventually land an overhire job at the La Jolla Playhouse.

After graduating from UCSD, Steve took some audio gigs here and there at theatres such as the Old Globe and North Coast Rep, but luck decided to smack him in the face like a frozen tuna. a full-time staff position opened up at the University, and because of his excellent work ethic and familiarity with the various theatre spaces, Steve got the job. He now spends his weeks installing and calibrating full-scale theatrical sound systems as the Sound Shop Foreman of the UCSD Theatre and Dance department.

Steve came to meet Steam Powered Giraffe through sheer luck when he attended a Tragic Tantrum Cabaret show at which the bots performed. From then on, Steve came to as many of SPG's Balboa Park shows as he could. There, he acquainted himself with the band and eventually suggested that he help out with one of their live shows. Nowadays you will inevitably see him swaying to the beat behind a mixing board whenever the bots plug in and perform.

  • Taken from the official Steam Powered Giraffe website*


  • He likes Mega Man a lot.
  • He likes Dungeons and Dragons a lot. 
  • He has a series on the Steam Powered Giraffe youtube channel for his puppet Lil' Steve.
  • He has numerous and varied interests such as archery, skydiving, and fire-spinning.
  • He is an atheist.
  • He can play the soul pan really good.
  • There have been a few reports that Steve has been inappropriate to underage attendees at SPG gigs. These statements, however, have no definite proof besides a few ramblings on tumblr, and the Bennetts have stated that Negrete would never do such things.

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