The history of the 8th Dimension is unclear but it is indeed locked and guarded by Jumbo, The Pink Whale With A Top Hat. The 8th dimension is notorious for being the place of fermenting nightmares and evil Lovecraftian Beasts.

The Gate

The only persistant door to the terrible 8th dimension is The Gate To The 8th Dimension of Absolute and Infinite Terror. This gate theoretically exists materalized in the Milky Way Galaxy in the center of Saturn, but it can only be accessed through Kazooland by way of The Abyss, otherwise known as "Outer Space" or "That Big Black Thing Where All the Stars Hang Out." The exact means to reaching the gate is unclear and confusing, but that must be the point since it is reported there is literally is a giant visble gate blocking the portal complete with giant oversized padlock. Who built and locked the gate is also unclear and equally as confusing.

There is rumored to be an ice cream stand just to the right, but the only flavor they serve is Father At A Junior Baseball Game Disappointed That His Son Didn't Hit The Homerun That Could Have Won The Game But Assuring His Son That He Still Loves Him Regardless Even Though He Cries Himself To Sleep Most Nights Since Said Game.

Jumbo, The Pink Whale With A Top Hat

Jumbo is in fact a pink whale with a top hat. He is also believed to sometimes wear a monocle. The whale floats around The Gate To The 8th Dimension of Absolute and Infinite Terror, seemingly guarding it from anyone who nears. The few spacecraft that have managed to make it to the gate were promptly eaten by Jumbo.

How the whale survives without oxygen is a mystery as big as Jumbo; the whale is the size of at least fourteen football fields. Perhaps more.

The Expedition of Chesterfield R. Dandyton

In the Spring of 1916, Chesterfield Dandyton, the wealthy son of one of the original settlers of Kazooland Titus Dandyton, claimed to have the insight to travel to The Gate To The 8th Dimension of Absolute and Infinite Terror.

While no concrete evidence persists, it is believed Chesterfield was dabbling in the occult and witchcraft using the highly aether rich crystalized ectoplasm his company harvested from various deposits on Earth and Kazooland. Chesterfield constructed a vessel he claimed was capable of transversing time and space, and would ferry a crew to the Gate without incident.

The Incident

Setting out from Dandy Candy's Verkian Factory Floor was a crew of six manning Chesterfield's craft. They included Chesterfield himself, Archie Pretzelston, Clive Thompson, Hector Manning, Professor John T. Abbey, and Some Man Found On The Street.

The crew and craft vanished in what was described as an explosion of cheese by factory employees. The cheese was cheddar and took several weeks to clean off the floor and walls of the factory. To this day no one knows what became of Chesterfield and his crew. They never returned.

It is unknown if the crew even made it to the Gate or if they simply exploded into cheese.

The Wither Lords

While Chesterfield Dandyton was never seen again after he set out to reach the Gate, a few journals of his were reportedly stolen and leaked into periodicals. Much of the public in Kazooland is aware of the supposed mad scribblings of Chesterfield that speak of elder beings of immense power bent on seeing the universe rot.

These "Wither Lords" have names and actions given to them that seem to correlate with various cults and religious practices over Earth and Kazooland, though such details are left in the dark to most inhabitants unless they happen to live near Horroria.

Theories On The 8th Dimension


Author H. P. Lovecraft, often believed to have been channeling The 8th Dimension's Horrors through his writings.

Many people have spoken about the 8th Dimension, and it is suggested artists and authors have been influenced by this dimension's presence throughout the ages.

Much of the knowledge available to us comes from the exploited journals of Chesterfield Dandyton, which are written out in such vivid and lengthy ramblings that it is hard to dismiss them.

Based off of his work, some have suggested The 8th Dimension is much like Kazooland, though instead of any positive energy, it is the congiled bad energy from Earth and Kazooland, which gives birth to horrific monstrosities and evil entities. Like the Movie White Chicks.