The Spine, with his titanium alloy spines extended. Photo by Geekshot Photography.

The Spine was created by Peter A. Walter I in 1896 to be featured at the Cavalcadium's science invention.

Over time, The Spine has been given upgrades and redesigns to appear more robot-like. The Spine is often seen as the logical robot, being robot in nature, and a polar opposite of Rabbit. However, The Spine can be just as silly as the other two, although he would never admit it. He is portrayed by David Michael Bennett.


The Spine currently is a cyberpunk themed robot , a stark contrast to the art-deco and steampunk design of both Hatchworth and Rabbit respectively. His wardrobe is reserved and formal and wears a black fedora. His silver spines can be seen on his back. 


The Spine was originally created with a spinal column made up of smokestacks similar to a locomotive, thus he was appropriately named The Spine. In 1955, the US government invested millions of dollars into upgrading The Spine. Therin he received a brand new titanium alloy spine, and a multitude of highly classified weapons.

Along with his weapon upgrade, The Spine received new adaptive programming. Instead of being an old fashioned automaton, The Spine was reprogrammed and redesigned to more closely represent a human. 

The Spine, serving with a platoon during the Vietnam war

This way, he could serve Uncle Sam by performing special ops missions as their number one "guy", without any human lives being put in danger. The upgrades were a success technically speaking; however, they weren't put to good use in Vietnam, where guerrilla warfare overpowered all of Walter's robots - including The Spine.

Despite a history of war, The Spine detests violence, even in the service of his country. He, along with the rest of the Walter automatons, have downloaded a vow of peace since Vietnam, and will not use their weapons.

As a musician, The Spine plays the acoustic guitar, the bass, keys, and the mandolin. The Spine is a stoic automaton, and often plays the straight man in the trio of robot musicians.

The Spine tries the most to fit in and be human around organic company, but spends most of his time interfacing with the Walter's in-house computer network via The Hall of Wires.


The Spine performs the main vocals for the following songs:

  • Clockwork Vaudville (Album One, 2009)
  • Electricity is in my Soul (Album One, 2009)
  • Captain Albert Alexander (Album One, 2009)
  • Rex Marksley (The 2 Cent Show, 2012)
  • Steamboat Shenanigans (The 2 Cent Show, 2012)
  • That'll Be The Way Home (The 2 Cent Show, 2012)
  • Scary World (The 2 Cent Show, 2012)
  • Automatonic Electronic Harmonics (The 2 Cent Show, 2012)
  • Me and My Baby (Saturday Night) (The 2 Cent Show, 2012)
  • Steam Powered Giraffe (MK III, 2013)
  • A Way Into Your Heart (MK III, 2013)
  • She Said Maybe (MK III, 2013)
  • Roller Skate King (MK III, 2013) 
  • Wired Wrong (MK III, 2013) 
  • Steam Powered Giraffe Reprise (MK III, 2013)  
  • Diamonds (single cover version, 2013)
  • Cellophane (single cover version, 2015)
  • On a Crescendo (The Vice Quadrant, 2015)
  • Progress and Technology (The Vice Quadrant, 2015)
  • Fire Fire (The Vice Quadrant, 2015)
  • Daughter of Space (The Vice Quadrant, 2015)
  • Star Valley Nights (The Vice Quadrant, 2015)
  • Soliton (The Vice Quadrant, 2015)
  • It's Cosmic (The Vice Quadrant, 2015)
  • The Speed of Light (The Vice Quadrant, 2015)
  • Starlight Star-shine (The Vice Quadrant, 2015)
  • Oh No (The Vice Qaudrant, 2015)