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now known as Zero, is a musical automaton built by Peter Walter I in 1896, cobbled together out of three of Walter's unfinished warbots. 

He is portrayed by Bryan Barbarin.


Like the other members of Steam Powered Giraffe, Zero is a steampunk era robot. He is immensely strong and resilient, and wields a fantastic array of weapons. 


Zero was built for the robot war of 1896. With his massive strength and resilience, he was a valuable asset in battle, but was later forgotten beneath Walter Manor, after the war. His core powered the lower levels of the Walter family's workshop for almost 100 years.

In 1992, Beebop discovered Zero and turned him back on, and the two became close friends. They listened to old records and watched movies together, and Zero developed a love for Motown.

He was rediscovered in 2008 by Peter Walter V, who modified him for entertainment like the rest of the old Walter automatons. 

Zero enjoyed immense popularity as the frontman of Steam Powered Giraffe until 2012, when he left to pursue a solo career. The Walter family lost all rights to Zero and he had to be edited out of all previous material.

Zero's popularity grew as a solo artist. He had a reality show, "Zero's House," and a cereal called Zer-e-Os. However, he lost his fortune after making a bad investment in the concept of love. (He wrote a book about it in 2015, but it only sold one copy).

Penniless, Zero returned to Walter Manor with the only thing he hadn't lost--his yacht, Floaty Time. Hatchworth eagerly took the boat from him and left to pursue "gold-fishing." Following Hatchworth's departure, Zero rejoined Steam Powered Giraffe for 2017.

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